Rita – Loves New Meaning Video

Love’s New Meaning

Please Share this Love Song from God’s Heart performed by “Rita” Israel’s Queen of Song and it will Carry On the Wind to other hearts open to hear it. ~ Lyrics by Sharon Licht

A New Song Comes Along Sharing “Love’s New Meaning”
I Was Lost But Now Am Found Sending Out A Brand New Sound …This Is A Brand New Day!
Looking Over History Time To Solve The Misery –
New (Spiritual) Life begins when we realize through forgiveness lives begin to change for the better.
Let GOD into your heart by tuning your spirit in tune with His Spirit…Life becomes Brighter as you rise above the material world. A Ray of Hope shines from the Light. God’s Love moves into your heart and your life takes on New Meaning.

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Tribute to John Whitehead

Late Singer-Songwriter John Whitehead is famous for his Uplifting Inspirational Message songs and Sound of Philadelphia Music, including All-time Greats “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” and “Wake Up Everybody.” John received 3 Grammy Nominations and had 37 Gold and Platinum albums to his credit during his lifetime. John wrote many beautiful songs before his untimely passing in 2004 that were never released. He prophesied that his last, timeless message songs that he had just completed would become every bit as great as his past hit songs.

John loved singing and creating music and his favorite expression was,

“People who make music together cannot be enemies, as long as the music lasts – so let the music play.”

As a Tribute to John and as his former manager, I am releasing John Whitehead’s last songs to the public. “Finally I’ve Seen the Light” is a snappy, happy and rappy New Song about the Giver of Life Who is the Light of The World. John Whitehead left a wonderful legacy behind using his artistic gifts and his wish was to share them with you. John saw the Light and in his song gives praises to The Lord above the Creator of Life and Music.

Please share “Finally I’ve Seen The Light” with others and send it Viral. You can do your part by downloading the song at JohnWhitehead.net Read more →

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The Victory Belongs To The Lord

VICTORY – “The Victory Belongs To The Lord”
(“Victory” is performed by Stephanie)

Victory is a New Song inspired from Above and Heaven Sent for such a time as this.

Visit http://VictoryBand.net to claim Your Victory for $.99

It’s time to claim your Victory…Time to proclaim Victory.
So, don’t delay Claim your Victory today!
Sing a New Song and you’ll win your Victory.
In not very long you’ll be singing along and have your Victory.

Don’t let it pass you by.
Just give it a try. It’s no Mystery.
Don’t ask why, Look on High and your battle will become History!
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Let Freedom Ring Charity Benefit Concert

A great Music video of the Let Freedom Ring Charity Benefit Concert on YouTube:

It Stars Rita Israel’s Queen of Song and Honored Guest World Champion Muhammad Ali among other Boxing and Music Greats held in Philadelphia for American POWS.

Muhammad Ali shortly thereafter accompanied me and POW Family Members Mrs. Carol Hrdlicka and Albro Lundy to Vietnam in Operation Let Freedom Ring to bring attention to and highlight the plight of hundreds of American servicemen that were held captive in S.E. Asia as POWS and who never were released and returned after the war. Some Still Survive.

Please share this wonderful music tribute with your friends to help remember our POWS.
(Performers also included Al Green, Kool & The Gang, Neil Sedaka, Singer Songwriter John Whitehead famous for his Grammy Nominated songs “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” and “Wake Up Everybody” ….)

Happy 2017

Arnold Beizer
Let Freedom Ring, Inc.

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Muhammad Ali Visits Children’s Hospital

Heart Warming RAY OF HOPE Music Video Tribute to Muhammad Ali the Humanitarian performed by Rita Israel’s Queen of Song.

Ali’s visit with the kids were visibly touched by his compassion for these very sick children. Ali joked, cheered them up and played with them, as he strolled from one hospital ward to another. TV sports commentators, nurses and government officials alike were moved to tears by Ali’s way with the kids. Little boys and girls in bandages who could hardly move in their beds sat up and smiled while others joked and jabbed at the Champ like miniature would-be boxers. The sparkle in their eyes could be seen wherever Ali passed.

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John Whitehead’s Last Wish


The Last recorded songs of renowned singer-songwriter John Whitehead, now assembled in CD form needs to be heard by the World. They send Inspirational uplifting Messages of Freedom, Love and Faith. It was John’s last wish before he passed that his inspirational ‘Message’ songs go out to the World.

John’s vision was that these wonderful songs would be as great if not greater than his songs that were nominated for Grammys such as “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now.” You can help make it happen and grant John Whitehead’s Last Wish!

With the World in turmoil, drugs everywhere and violence rearing its ugly head in our cities and towns, The Love of Money is replacing the Love of God and for God. It is High Time We The People Stand Tall, Wake Up Everybody, Let Freedom Ring, and Finally See The Light. This is John’s Message To The World. 

While sadly John is no longer with US, his Spirit lives on in his Music. Believe It Or Not this is the reason Why we must Let the Music Play.



John Whitehead and Rita Israel's Queen of Song

John Whitehead and Rita Israel’s Queen of Song give Thumbs Up sign at MLK 30th Anniversary March on Washington at Lincoln Memorial where they performed Let Freedom Ring song duet


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STAND TALL – New Video Release

Stand Tall is an inspirational message song written by John Whitehead of McFadden/Whitehead fame and performed by the beautiful and talented Tomey Sellars. John is known for “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” with 37 Gold and Platinum albums and 3 Grammy nominations to his credit. The late John Whitehead’s last wish was that his message songs of Love and Freedom go out to the whole world. Let’s make his wish come true.

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Celebrate & Sing, Let Freedom Ring!

For July 4th Let’s join hands and sing Let Freedom Ring! Celebrate Freedom!


America and Israel come to together to sing “Let Freedom Ring” America and Israel stand together forever! Stand with Israel and Sing a New Song! Rita Israel’s Queen of Song joined in a special duet recorded in Tel Aviv with the renowned (Sound of Philadelphia) singer-songwriter John Whitehead famous for his Grammy nominated songs like “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” and “Wake Up Everybody.”

“Let Freedom Ring” is the last Inspirational Message song written and sung by the late, Great John Whitehead. It is about the meaning of being free. It was John’s special wish that Rita sing it with him to be released in America and to the world. Now is that time.

“I can be what I want to be…
That’s meaning of being free.
It’s time we set things straight,
In a world as great as ours.
We’ve got no time to hate,
We’re One Nation Under God…”

America and Israel are brothers and Music is the International language. When words fail music speaks.Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from Heaven to the soul.

 RITA Israel’s Queen of Song is by far the most celebrated and successful singer in the land.

Rita’s beautiful voice has gained worldwide attention. In addition to being a successful singer Rita is a graduate of one of the most respected acting schools in Israel. She has performed in dozens of plays, musicals and movies.

Whether touring America, England, Canada, France, Brazil, Japan or China, her fans know every word of her songs and sing along.  Language is no barrier.  Rita sings in Hebrew, English, Farsi, French and Italian. Even her gestures and the graceful movement of her hands to the music speak their own universal sign language!

Listening to Rita sing is a breathtaking experience – her words and music are Heaven Sent.







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